Eight years ago, when HubSpot published its first State of Inbound, the future of video content appeared a little out of focus – colorful, potential but unclear.

The video is now no more a future consideration; it is the ruling social medium presently, a fact underscored in the State of Inbound report 2016. For instance, the new Survey of India shares these statistics on the power of video:

Users of Facebook watch 8 billion videos daily. Users of Snapchat watch 10 billion videos every day. In HubSpot research, 45% of defendants watch over an hour of YouTube or Facebook videos per week. In HubSpot research, 49% of 18-24 years of old defendants watch almost 3 hours of video on YouTube per week.

Thereby, a savvy online marketer no more asks whether he/she should add video in his/her social media marketing strategy. Rather, he/she asks where he/she should target his/her video marketing strategy.

The answer could be YouTube, Snapchat or Facebook – or some combo. Here are some tips from the 4,500 defendants to the SOI 2016:

Of the online marketers returning to the survey:

39% expect to include Facebook video and 48% are planning on including YouTube in the year ahead.

So, this is where digital marketers say that they will be targeting their video attempts. What about the business leaders? For C-level leaders participating in the Survey of India survey, video was even a stronger target, with

17% are looking into Snapchat. 46% are planning on adding Facebook video, and 56% of C-level defendants are planning on adding YouTube as a content channel.

follow your favorite celebrity

Where you target your video marketing attempts relies on the strong insight you have of the audience you should reach, something you learn as you map the journey of your buyers and make personalities for your buyers.

It is also worth looking at how top brands are targeting their video marketing attempts.

Many big brands are now investing more on Instagram video instead Snapchat. According to the SOI statistics suggestion, the Google-owned YouTube is rarely a shrinking violet. Many reasons are there why YouTube tops the results of the survey as the video channel earning the most attention from the digital marketers. Marketers may be interested in Snapchat but not sure about how to get started.

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